3 Ways To Host A Christmas Party In Office To Best Help Employees Mingle With Each Other

When the annual Christmas party is just around the corner, you might feel that this is the perfect way to get people to bond and get to know each other. After all, most parties are supposed to do just that. People generally bond over something each party enjoys or has fun doing. If you are part of organizing a Christmas party at office, then putting a few of the following factors in to consideration will help each employee mingle with one another in no time.

Friendly atmosphere

One of the most important features of an office Christmas party would be to make it look and feel like an actual fun and enjoyable event rather than a work event. This can be done by making the atmosphere festive as possible. This can be done by throwing the party at a different location and not your office premises. Although, it does not have to be grand such as corporate function venues at Lakeside Banquet and Convention Centre, a chic restaurant or a hall depending on the crowd will make people feel more at ease. If the venue is the office premises, then make sure that the atmosphere is decorated to make it look as fun and festive as possible.

Mingle friendly environment

Most people are comfortable mingling with people when the lights are less harsh and toned down to give a calming and relaxing ambience. It helps people feel friendlier and less self conscious. Light music playing in the background will also help relax your guests. You can search online for small conference venues in Melbourne, for any suggestions and ideas on how to set the venue up.

Food and beverages

One of the main highlights of any party is to have good food and drinks. There are several ways in which you can serve your food too, mainly buffet style or cocktail and finger food styles. While buffet set ups are more formal, ideally most corporate parties prefer cocktail set ups as this arrangement gives the opportunity for guests to walk around and mingle with others while sipping on a drink.

This is typically the style in which networking at corporate events occurs and the same would apply even at less formal parties as the purpose of mingling is the same regardless. Usually finger foods are easier to serve and do not require a lot of effort to eat, unlike heavier foods such as steak and 6 course meals. When it comes to the drinks, it is important to have alcoholic beverages in moderation or have a BYOB policy, which will also curb costs.