Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you haven’t been to a baby shower before and have no idea what to get as a gift, don’t worry, the options you have are very wide. However, you will also have to take into consideration the mother to be and her personality and how large scale this event will be. Most of the time, baby showers are very intimate affairs, however, sometimes people decide to go all out and make it a celebration of a lifetime! Listed below are a few gift ideas to help the entire process easier for you.

Baby clothes and items

This is the most obvious gift, and you will need some advice on what kind of nursery decorations Australia you should get and so on. Knowing the gender of the baby makes this process easier, nevertheless there are a number of gender neutral decoration that is as cute! Everything baby related such as baby hamper sounds like an excellent gift idea that you will enjoy creating and the mother to be will enjoy receiving.

Food and sweets

You can always opt to make something or order a delicious cake to add to the celebration. There’s bound to be a lot of people and several guests who are waiting to get their hands on something delicious. You can also bake customized cookies to make it a much more personal gift.

Something for the mother

While several of the guests will focus on the baby, you can be a little different and opt to get something for the mother to be. If you’re close to them, this will become so much easier! You can always ask them what they need, or get something you feel they will love. The gifts don’t always have to be pregnancy or baby related, be a little different for a change, they will appreciate it! A nursery bag or something similar would also do.

Something intimate

Finally, once you go through all the options already available to you and decide nothing speaks to you, you can always gift them something that is very memorable and intimate. This doesn’t have to always be a gift, it could be a touching speech or a video presentation. If you’ve know the parties for a long time, then this is the ideal gift you could give to them. A bit of a walk down memory lane before they start the new chapter in their life!

These are a few tips for the perfect baby shower gift!

Writen by Phoebe Humphries