Car Driving Tips For Beginner

Even after learning to drive a car under the guidance of an instructor, some beginners often injure themselves, when they drive the car for the first time. You have to keep certain things in mind when you are driving a car.

Things to do – When you are driving the car for the first time, you should wear your seatbelt, adjust the mirrors, steer wheel tilt, seats and all other things inside your car. You should do all these things before starting your car’s engine. Check that whether your car’s breaks are okay or not. You should always ask your driving instructor about some tips that will help you in your initial days of driving.

Know the meanings of all the traffic signs – Many beginners have to learn a lot about various traffic signs. A beginner must know the meaning of all these traffic signs. But, beginners cannot understand the meanings of some traffic signs while driving. This can cause trouble for them. While attending driving lessons, you should try to gain as much knowledge as possible about traffic signs.

A driver may know that where he is heading, but others will not know. That’s why turn signals should be used for making others aware of the lane changes. Beginners should look back on their shoulder when they are turning back the car backwards and while changing the lanes. Keep in mind that other drivers are not responsible to drive the car safely with automatic driving lessons, so just follow these rules to avoid the collision of your car with another car.

Take your friends with you– Beginners would take their friends on a ride on the first day of their driving. You must count that how much seatbelts are present in your car. Don’t allow more people in your car if more seatbelts are not present in your car. It is not only illegal to drive a car without seatbelts, but it is also unsafe to drive a car without seatbelts. If the car gets a jerk, you may get hurt if you do not wear your seatbelt.

Be aware about music and volume – Most of the beginners are teenagers. So, it is likely that such teenage drivers would listen to music while driving to lessen their boredom. You must not listen to music at a high volume or you must not set the volume of your radio very high. Sometimes, other drivers may warn you by blowing their car’s horn, the siren, so that your car would not collide with their car and for other reasons. But, if you keep earphones in your ear while driving or listen to high pitched music, then accident may happen. So, be safe!

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Writen by Phoebe Humphries