Signs To Look Out For To Gauge Another Person’s Interest

When you have connected with someone in an online friendship portal, you might like the initial conversations you strike up. The profile might look impressive and the interests that the person exhibits seem to be similar to yours. Such points would make you feel interested in the other person. However, there are signs that can tell you whether he or she has the same inclination towards you.

Time taken to respond

When you have struck up an initial conversation with someone at one of the iPhone dating apps, you need to see how often or promptly he or she responds to your messages. While initial conversations are struck when both people are online, you can gauge the level of interest in the other person by the way they respond to your messages. If they check their messages frequently and are prompt in responding, it would mean that the interest is mutual. On the other hand, those who seem to be online but take a long time to respond, it might indicate that their interests lie somewhere else.

Nature of conversation

If you have been chatting with someone at one of the free dating apps and they seem pleasant enough, you need to gauge the level of interest before you can think of planning a date. If the conversations veer towards interest in knowing about your interests, your thoughts and views on different subjects besides the general know how about each other, this would indicate that the person is interested in knowing about you.

Planning a meet

This is one of the inevitable signs that the other person is interested in knowing you as a person. However, if the topic of meeting up comes up too soon, it might be something that the other person is used to doing to gauge anyone they meet online. If you are not sure to meet up someone whom you barely got to know, you might want to back away. The same would work for the other. If he or she is not proposing a meet, it would indicate that they do not have that level of interest in you.

Consistent behavior

There are certain signs that can help you gauge a person and his or her mentality at a dating site. When a person responds sporadically and does not follow up on conversations, it is a sign that he or she is fishing around and not really interested in following up with you as yet. When someone takes the initiative to chat and looks you up regularly, it would mean a desire to know you better. These signs can help you decide on whom to spend more time than others.

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Writen by Phoebe Humphries