Use The Best Handicapped Supporting Bars In Bathrooms

Any handicapped person or a person with certain physical abnormality will find it very difficult to take a bath or to use the toilet in the bathrooms. They will find it very difficult to stand on their own legs for a few minutes while they take a bath. It is for these people that the bathroom accessories manufacturers have come out with supporting bars that can be fitted to the walls or ceiling of the bathroom to offer them stability and support. With this support, they will get the necessary balance and support to do their daily morning chores without the help of another person.

The shower grab rails in Australia are a wonderful addition to the bathrooms of both elderly people and the differently able people. They can hold on to its bathroom accessory when taking shower and it offers better support and grip than what people can offer. This will help the users with minimal duality to visit showers and toilets on their own and they do not need to depend on or wait for others to take them to the bathroom. These tools are of great help as bathroom and toilets are a place where accidents can happen at any time. The elderly and the slightly disabled people can easily lose their balance or slip in a bathroom. They are also soft targets to falls in the bathroom. The bars installed in the bathrooms offer a greater deal of stability and safety protection and the users do not have to worry that much about the slippery floor or wet floors.  

Install the bars at the right place  

  • There needs to be due consideration given to the place where the bars have to be placed.
  • The most appropriate place is to have them on the walls near the bath area or the toilet.
  • There are even people who prefer to have the support bars placed on the wall as well as the ceiling to give them added support while taking a bath.
  • If there is the need to use disabled grab rails, then it has to be placed on the side wall of the toilet in a position where the user can easily hold it while sitting.
  • It will not be a bad idea to install one more support bar a few inches above the lower support bar so that the person can easily get a firm grip when he stands before or after using the toilet.

If the need is for added support, then using railings throughout the bathroom area is not a bad idea at all.

Writen by Phoebe Humphries