The Life Of A Woman

Women are very important beings in a person’s life. Everyone has a woman who is important to them. It may be in the form of a mother, sister, wife, grandmother or many other roles. There are many stages that a woman takes to grow. 

Life as a Daughter

From the day a baby girl is born everyone is so happy and excited about that little one’s life. Being a daughter is a relationship that remains throughout a girl’s life. A daughter is most loved by a father and looked after by a mother. She is cherished and brought up with care. Being a child is the first step to all humans where they are carefree and they play and study to become big people in life. A daughter’s life usually carries many responsibilities of looking after the parents, family and also herself. It is also highly important that a daughter forms a bond with her parents and opens up to them for any issue in her life.  For example, if she has any medical issue that she cannot tell others she should be able to tell her parents so that they could get her medicines or take her to a gynaecologist Melbourne. This is how a daughter’s life should be.

Life as a Sister 

A very important relationship that a person has is with his or her sister. A sister is not only a sibling, but is also a companion with whom you can share your feelings with, fight with and also have fun with. Having a good relationship with your sister would give you lots of happiness. Being a sister, you should be able to look after your younger siblings and at the same time help your elder siblings whenever necessary. All in all, a sister should be able to be responsible and be there for her siblings in times of need. 

Life as a Wife 

Once married, the wife plays an important role in the husband’s life. She is responsible not only to look after the house but also to look after her husband’s well-being. At the same time, the wife also has several responsibilities as a daughter in law towards the husband’s family. The wife has to be supportive to the husband and look after the family but at the same time the husband also has to be equally helpful and caring towards her. 

Life as a Mother 

This is a very huge responsibility and role that almost all women love to play. When a woman is going to conceive a baby that is the happiest moment in her and her husband’s life. This is a time when everyone in the family showers her with all love and everything she loves. And it is also the duty of a husband to look after the wife and take her for daily check-ups to the obstetrician. During pregnancy the mother develops love for the child and once the baby is born it is her duty to look after the baby and make sure he grows up to be a good individual. Once having many children, the mother’s responsibilities increase as she has to look into the needs of her husband and all her children.

Life as a Grandmother

As a woman grows older and gives her children in marriage, the moment she anticipates is to become a grandmother and hold her grandchild in her arms. At this age she does not usually have any responsibilities. This is the time when she is there for her husband and showers all her love to her grandchildren. At this age she should be the responsibility of her children.  

Women Need to Be Cherished

The life of a woman from the beginning to the end holds many responsibilities and it is sometimes even restricted.  Therefore, every man should always look after the women in their family and love and support them. 

Writen by Phoebe Humphries