Top Mistakes Women Do At The Gym

It is common to do plenty of mistakes when you first join a gym. But it is important to correct them and avoid repeating them as they can have harmful effects on your body. Doing incorrect exercises will also make all your effort and time a waste as you will not be seeing the proper results.

Doing the same gym routine every single day is one of the most common errors beginners do. They tend to be ignorant of the fact that when a muscle is torn down, it needs adequate time to rest and build it up. By working out on a daily basis, you prevent your muscle from repairing itself by not giving it a break. Experts recommend giving your muscles at least a 48 hour break before working it out again.

Ensure your gym routine is set for four days a week at max, with 3 days of rest and each of those days exercise a different part of your body. For example you could work on your biceps on Monday and your legs on Tuesday. Most women fear touching the dumbbells because they it will make them look too manly. This is an age old myth and it is high time it is debunked. Weight training with dumbbells is what gives a woman the body she desires and it will not give them a manly shape. By exercising with the use of weights, it also allows you ladies to get away with consuming a tad bit more calories on a day out. For women who feel they need extra nutrition there is plenty of super greens.

For vegetarians who are interested in hitting the gym but are put off by claims that vegans will never be successful due to the lack of animal protein in their bodies; pay no heed to them as there are specific methods for crossfit supplements brands. By increasing the protein intake from organic sources it is possible to compensate for the lack of animal meat in your diet and with proper disciple it is possible to reach your goals.

Most trainers swear by cardio and encourage you to do hours and hours of cardio, but beware of this. A lot of cardio in your workout regime will increase the amount of cortisol in your body. This tears down your muscle tissues and with less muscle tissues your metabolism rate tends to lower itself. Another thing to be mindful of is the posture and form when you are exercising. Use the mirrors around your gym and look up workout videos on the internet to get an idea on how to do them right.